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Handling bulk orders while managing inventory.


To standards of high quality and reliability.


Adaptability to unexpected problems.

Secure Payments

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Cost competitive decisions, value for money.


Systems, processes and performance.


Always alerting stakeholders in any situation.

At BlinkGlobal

We assess each project to select the most suitable production facility based on product quantities and target prices. We then work with the selected factory undertaking a full project management service including supply chain management and supplier risk management facilities to then keep our customers up-to-date with the progress and problems.

Demand Management

Traditionally when demand is low, suppliers are able to make sufficient quantities that meet these demands but when demand suddenly spikes, suppliers are struggling to produce adequate amounts – hurting sales and leaving clients and customers unhappy. Determining what the demand might be in the future and planning how to manage it makes the process of predicting and planning the demand for products very critical and so it happens to be the one field that we excel in.

At BlinkGlobal we are quick in responding to changes in the marketplace and global environment. We are prepared to not only handle fluctuations but also embrace the volatility and turn it into a competitive workforce. Our in-depth understanding of managing production cycles helps us in managing customer demand in the marketplace at an enterprise level for our clients.

Inventory Management

Our procurement officers and supply chain experts are professionals in inventory management. Purchasing too much inventory can put you at risks of not being able to sell it all if the market changes. Purchasing too little inventory can put you at risk of losing out on sales. It’s a balancing act that takes attention to detail and a keen sense of the market. As your own personal purchasing department, we manage your inventory in a way that if the market moves we are able to swiftly move with it. Let us control your inventory levels so you can focus on the merit more instead of worrying about the inventory, which will offer more opportunities to decrease costs and increase profits.

Supply Chain Strategy

We have the knowledge and visibility throughout the entire project and product lifecycle to truly understand the operational and financial impact of shaping and managing demand and supply. Now, increased competition, global markets, rapidly changing customer demands, and world economic and political factors have only empowered external business forces. BlinkGlobal practices an agile supply chain management system of product distribution concerned with doing things quickly, saving costs, being responsive to market demand so that we can maintain flexibility while keeping our productivity high.

Delivery Management & Issue Management

Our incredible team of procurement officers, business developers, sourcing experts, supply chain experts, and supplier risk management experts is loaded with the absolute best strategies that you will need for your sourcing projects. Besides taking care of quality production and on-time delivery, we are also prepared to take care issues, if any.

We are your eyes and ears in a foreign land, so sit back and relax while we take care of all your sourcing matters. BlinkGlobal believes in commitment, once we have welcomed you in – all your problems are our problems. In the case of returns or refunds, we make sure we already have a policy and contract in hand that we created when we started with your project. This helps in saving you from losses and frauds. We follow through strictly with policies and contracts and if the delivery is of unsatisfactory products then we make sure we make the process of returns and refunds easier and safer for you.

State of the Art – ERP System

Our ERP system makes transactions efficient and effective. With a systemized process there are fewer instances of mistakes, which leads to a more efficient supply chain. This saves our clients their time and money. Furthermore, our system gives staff the same set of tools to operate the various cycles of the supply chain, which leads to agility and innovation. With our ERP system we practice transparency – Logging every step of the process helps us in getting things done with transparency and creating a trustworthy relationship between the supplier and the buyer. Transparency in a supply chain demands accountability leading to a more efficient chain that produces smoother processes and larger turnovers.

No one has time for spreadsheets, hand-checked lists, and delayed communication. Receiving live data about the supply chain helps you make the best decision possible. Real-time data of your supply chain will help you make better, quicker decisions.

no matter what you want to import and no matter where you want to import it from, we will do it for you. We offer complete sourcing solutions that guarantee uninterrupted global sourcing!


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