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At BlinkGlobal, we are currently sourcing products and components from multiple countries for our clients. We respect our client’s choices of sourcing from a specific region, however we still give multiple options to our clientele to choose from. Based on statistics, costs and quality we help our clients decide which country will best suit their interests. BlinkGlobal is currently sourcing from China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan and Germany. We are physically present in all of our sourcing locations to provide guaranteed satisfaction. But we are not limited to these countries, as we move forward, we are continuously in the process of expanding our horizons. We are establishing sourcing networks in multiple other countries.


China’s Sourcing Industry needs no introduction. China’s outsourcing market grew by 30% in the past decade, and a lot of companies from other countries have even moved their own headquarters to China to establish a business. With low labor costs and higher output in less time, buyers easily find suppliers in China. But with the latest fluctuations in global health and export disruptions, companies that depended solely on China for sourcing have suffered greatly. 

When one thinks of oversea sourcing, China comes to mind. Although one of the major advantages to working outside of China is that production costs can be dramatically lower. For example, in China, labor costs have risen over the past 15- 20 years, whereas in countries like Vietnam and India the cost of labor has remained low. We recommend you choose the right country for your product, it can decrease manufacturing time and increase quality. Producing in other developing countries can help U.S. brands avoid Chinese tariffs. 


India is on its way of becoming one of the top largest economies in the world. Sourcing from India is comparatively a cost-effective alternative to sourcing from China. Exports from India rose 2.91% from a year earlier to USD 27.65 billion in February 2020, boosted 37% by sales of electronic goods.

English is one of the official languages of India, making the country much more international in terms of doing business. Foreigners manufacturing in India don’t face the same barriers of communication that often plague those who source from China. Shifting production to India helps with significant reduction in labor costs. According to the World Bank, India’s labor force numbers about 519 million after China’s labor force which is 783 million.


Vietnam is perhaps the most common choice for buyers as an alternative to sourcing from China. Many have called Vietnam the “new China” due to its lower labor costs, young workforce and the rapid increase in manufacturing exports. Although Vietnam doesn’t offer the level of diversity as of China at this stage. But Vietnam’s manufacturing industry does boast a higher level of industry diversity than some other alternative sourcing destinations among Asian Countries.

It’s no surprise that Vietnam’s low labor costs are one of its most attractive features to importers. Vietnam’s labor cost as of 2019 varies by region from $125 to $180 per month, whereas these costs are sometimes the half of China’s with Vietnam providing significantly lower labor costs. Vietnam’s economy grew by 7.08 percent in 2018, the highest rate in 11 years.

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No matter the business or industry – BlinkSourcing is your next Global Sourcing partner, no matter what you want to import and no matter where you want to import it from, we will do it for you. We offer 360° sourcing solutions that guarantee uninterrupted global sourcing!

no matter what you want to import and no matter where you want to import it from, we will do it for you. We offer complete sourcing solutions that guarantee uninterrupted global sourcing!


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